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Description: The proper way: to deal with an inter-poster | Peasant Militia Cannon: The Ukrainian neighbourhood watch takes no prisoners. Calcium carbide cannon blast! | ice bucket mishap: too stupid to clear out a bucket. | Teenage Ninja Turtles sex museum: | There Really Are No Accidents : psa, accident, workplace, prevent it ca, everybody hurts sometimes | Dropped like a ton of fat: Fat black kid gets knocked the fuck out | Sock puppet: There is some girl with modest beef curtains getting anally penetrated by a sock puppet (frog?) holding a dildo in it's mouth. | 'es got a banger in 'is pocket: Fat, drunken moron lights a firecracker and puts it in his pocket | Don't Masturbate: A slave is someone who does not posses freedom. Masturbation is a cruel slave master. Be free today! | You pay me: suck my dick. |

Tags: PROPER way deal interposter peasant Militia Cannon Ukrainian neighbourhood watch takes Prisoners calcium carbide Blast Ice bucket mishap stupid clear teenage ninja Turtles sex museum really accidents psa accident workplace Prevent Everybody hurts sometimes dropped Like ton fat black Kid gets knocked fuck Sock puppet Girl modest beef curtains getting Anally penetrated frog holding dildo mouth E's Got banger pocket drunken moron lights firecracker puts Masturbate Slave someone posses freedom masturbation cruel Master free today Pay suck dick
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